How it works

Our process for making your brand sound amazing

To create a music profile that reflects your brand’s story, we take a deep dive into your world; your DNA, values, market position, and customer profiles. It’s just like getting a mixtape from your best friend. Our proprietary system, Curator, then takes total care of your on-site audio branding. All you have to do is plug it in. 

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Brand Immersion

We talk to key stakeholders, then immerse ourselves in collateral to develop our forensic understanding of your positioning, taking in brand bibles, customer demographics, marketing campaigns, and promotional materials. Every little clue we uncover makes your sonic blueprint more authentic.

— 2

Design, Design, Design

Then the fun begins: our curation team defines your brand’s sonic DNA.

We get to listen to awesome tracks and have an open discussion with you on what fits, and what doesn’t. Every round of feedback hones your musical profile, and once everyone’s happy, we’ll finalise the music program and create your playback schedules.

— 3


Time to hit play on your Activaire account.

To keep it simple, our onboarding team takes control of the process, working across your operations, finance, and IT teams so that everyone’s in harmony when we launch.

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Quick, easy, painless. That’s how we roll (out).

We’ll dispatch Epicentre media players to each of your locations, and then, our team will walk yours through a simple plug and play setup. That’s it.

And, in the rare instance that you need a little more help, we’ll schedule a technician to take you through it on-site.

— 5

Supported, Always

Whatever support you need is just a message away. You’re never left to your own devices with Activaire.

So whether you have a technical issue, a question about the service, or need help finding the perfect playlist for Taco Tuesday, our team is ready and waiting.

We’ll keep in touch regularly to check everything’s going to plan, and we’ll review your music programs, so they evolve as your brand does.

— 6

It’s A Two-Way Street

We never stop listening. To clients, as well as music.

We’ve shaped products and services based on what people tell us they want to see. So when customers approach us with a great suggestion, we’ll put it into production and share the love with all our users.

Ideas, welcome.

— 7

Simple legals

Having the correct license for the music you play, in the territories you operate across, and the type of business you run, is critical. It’s complicated, too.

But don’t sweat it: we’ve got your back. Every track we deliver is licensed and legal. Ahead of every new project, we review your licensing requirements and identify costs.

As we operate in 43 countries, we can advise on the varying licensing prices in different regions. Simple.