Overhead Announcements. On-brand. Delivered.

With our Activaire full-service packages

It’s not often we recommend hitting pause on the music.

Sometimes, a short break for a carefully considered overhead announcement is essential, such as welcoming guests, highlighting promotions, or updating health and safety precautions. To keep it on-brand and straightforward, we’ll manage the whole production process on your behalf.


Perfect Voice

We’ll always find the perfect voice for your brand, calling on our pool of hundreds of voice artists. We’ll consider gender, tone, and regional accents, including any other considerations we agree, then secure talent that precisely matches.


Lead and Collaborate

If your marketing department would like to take the lead on scripting your announcements, that’s cool. But, equally, our in-house team of writers can promptly turn around crafted copy that delivers your message effectively. Word.

It takes less than 1.4 nanoseconds for music to signal a brand’s proposition. Every beat of your music matters.


Creative Direction

We give you three options for music to accompany your announcements. First, we can hire a musician to create fresh new music, providing creative direction, so the sounds reflect – and become part of – your brand identity. Second, we can source on-brand tracks from our royalty-free libraries. And if the message really needs to stand out, no music at all is a great third option.


Studio Services

Working with a studio recording engineer, we’ll make sure the voiceover recording is perfect. Then, we’ll work with a producer to combine the voiceover with the music. Finally, the announcement is added to your schedule and played at intervals agreed by you.

‚ÄčWe are extremely satisfied with Activaire. They cater playlists to our liking while maintaining a close relationship with our team.

Each zone allows us to play taste made music for events and our guests. Their highly trained staff gives us undivided attention and quality, ample selection to choose from.

Andrew Grant
Director of Music / Radio Eaton Hotels, DC

Connect customers to your brand

Expertly curated music, hand-picked by aficionados, in harmony with your business. Curated background music that’s unbelievably simple. With unbeatable service.

Expert curation

World-class support delivered by humans

Plug and play

Dynamic schedules created exclusively for your properties

Multi-zone control

Shape your environment with scenes, react to the moment with playlists

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