Music Licensing: Are you covered?

Music Licensing. Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR protect the intellectual property of songwriters, composers, and music publishers. They issue licenses and collect royalties on behalf of their members when their music is played publicly, whether in a coffee shop, retail store, or any business venue. This system is not only crucial for the livelihood of artists but also ensures that businesses can legally use their music to enhance their environment. Read More

In-Store Music Repeats: The Dangers of Earworms

Retail brands aiming to provide an evocative and captivating music program for their store spaces know how lethal short music programs and repeating songs are. In-store music repeats are generally a top complaint from retail staff. Offering robust, diverse, and enjoyable music programs is the key to preventing monotony and ensuring an unforgettable shopping experience. And guess what? It's not just the shoppers who benefit; even the front-line employees, those daily superheroes of the retail world, get a morale boost when the beats keep evolving. Read More

On-Brand Music: The Best Way to Elevate the Retail Experience

In the dynamic world of retail, crafting a shopping experience that lingers in customers' memories is the holy grail of success. And here's the secret sauce: on-brand music. But let's face it; consistently curating on-brand music can be like surfing a never-ending wave. You need the right expertise to keep the music vibes flowing seamlessly. Read More

Music for Brands: quip & Beats – Your Ultimate Oral Care Jams

Welcome to a world where beats meet brushes; Activaire is your go-to for turning every space into a musical masterpiece. Music for brands is our passion but we're not just about curating playlists; we're about crafting experiences, and our love affair with music and branding is pretty nerdy and obsessive. Every track is handpicked to vibe with the space, the brand, and their fans.  Read More