Music Curation

Why is music curation so important?

Within 1.4 nanoseconds of stepping into your environment, customers are making decisions about your brand based on the sounds they hear – every beat of your playlist matters.

The benefits

How does curated music benefit your business?

Authentically curated background music works in harmony with your business. Dwell times increase; your profits do too.

Music pathways

How we get it right?

We give multiple pathways into music particularly suited to your brand. Which include for example…


Mixtapes made for your brand

Our expert music curators create playlists designed to meet your needs, and the great people that visit your space, too.

When you need to react to a change in your environment, it’s simple to switch playlists and make the music match the moment.

The Curator app has you covered: whatever the situation, the perfect sounds are just a tap away.


Perfect sounds: perfect spaces

If your locations have both calm and busy areas – or any possible combination you can imagine – no problem.

Scenes make it even easier to keep the musical vibe on-brand in every corner of your environment.

Just head to the Curator app to select scenes that match your spaces. Then kick back and let Activaire do the rest, combining playlists that fit your brand, wherever they’re heard.

Music traverses the realms of art, craft, science, and magic. Curator by Activaire brings all of that together in your space.

Connect customers to your brand

Expertly curated music, hand-picked by aficionados, in harmony with your business. It’s unbelievably simple. With unbeatable service.

Smart scheduling serves up the right music, at the right time

And we look after the licensing, simple.

Change the dynamic by switching to one of our 150+ human curated playlists

Increase dwell time with authentically curated music

Scenes keep the vibe on-brand in every corner of your environment

Expertly curated music keeps brand messaging on track