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All FeaturesBasicProEnterprise
Access to over 800 Playlists and Scenes with new programs being added regularly
Weekly music updates
Commercial-free music
Uninterrupted local music playback
Performance licenses included in monthly fee (USA and Canada)
Explicit and suggestive content filtering
Activaire Curator Mobile App
(Android or iOS) and Curator Desktop
Email support and online ticketing
Scheduled music playback based on required energy for time of day and day of week
Phone support
Dedicated Client Success Manager
Dedicated Music Curator
Remote troubleshooting and management
Simple Digital Signage APP for video playback and management
Custom Audio Branding
Custom Playlists and ScenesOne custom playlist + one custom scene
Dedicated Slack Support Channel
User account management
Desktop Dashboard for fleet management.
Full ADMIN control
Reporting: Connectivity, Music Feedback, Playback logs, and more
Remote music playback control (Batch actions)
API – Fleet monitoring
API – Fleet management
In-store messaging
SSO Integration
User accountsOne per locationUnlimitedUnlimited
Sonos service. Use Activaire Curator on your Sonos speaker systemAdd $4Add $4Add $4
Hardware requirementsActivaire Epicentre
Media Player
*Not required if using Sonos wireless speaker
Activaire Epicentre
Media Player and/or Sonos wireless speaker
Activaire Epicentre
Media Player and/or Sonos wireless speaker

Frequently asked questions

You can find more questions and answers in our FAQ’s section

  • Yes, if you are playing music in your business, you need a subscription to Curator. Your Curator subscription includes the music licenses you need to play music in your establishment legally. Streaming music services provide a license for personal use only. If you are using a streaming platform like Spotify or playing music from your collection of CDs, MP3s, etc., you are not using a legal music source, and you risk legal action and severe fines.

    See this famous case for more information on how not paying performance rights organizations is an expensive mistake…

  • Streaming refers to downloading content from a remote server (the cloud) in real-time—services like YouTube and Netflix stream content directly to your device from the cloud. The main advantage is that streaming gives you access to an infinite library of content stored in the cloud. Streaming content becomes an issue if you have a weak or unstable internet connection. If your internet connection drops, then the music stops.

    To ensure 24/7 music uptime, Curator uses both streaming and local playback technology. Streaming provides access to our library of Playlists and Scenes. Local playback means music is downloaded and stored on the Epicentre media player so that even if you get disconnected from the internet for a few minutes or even a few days, the music is always rockin’.

  • Sound and, specifically, music is an essential component of your brands’ identity. Think about the sounds your mobile phone makes. Everything from the short melody that plays when you get a notification to the sound it makes when you set it on the table is part of your phone’s Audio Brand. Similarly, think about how the song played throughout your favorite movie help set the scene, create tension, release, and establish energy levels. Now think about important music is in advertising and how certain songs will always remind you of certain products. That’s Audio Branding in a nutshell.

    Do you need it? Yes, absolutely. Music is the fastest, most direct, and frankly the cheapest way to let your customers know they are in the right place. We handle Audio Branding in two ways. The first is with our collection of Scenes which capture the classic ideas of how specific businesses sound. Are you a bustling coffee shop that needs a classic jazz vibe with some soulful pop over the top, or are you a boutique that requires a mix of global indie with a touch of throwbacks? There’s a scene in our collection for each of those businesses.

    Our ever-growing collection of Scenes is available in all Curator subscription types.

    Some customers require a unique sound to capture their brand. Their Audio Brand could stem from their history, technology, customer demographics, the design of their products, etc. Our extensive Audio Branding process allows us to create bespoke Playlists and Scenes that express your brand’s unique qualities and characteristics. Synchronizing your in-store music with your brand values creates an experience that sticks with your customer and provides a positive influence on their purchase decisions.

    Custom Audio Branding is available to our Curator Pro and Curator Enterprise customers.

  • Yes, Activaire Curator is available as a Service on the Sonos Platform. Existing Curator Pro and Enterprise customers can add Sonos for an additional $4 per month per zone. New customers who plan on only using our Sonos service can sign up for Curator Basic and add Sonos to your order.

  • Yes, contact sales to see if you qualify for a volume discount package.

  • Dedicated Slack channel support is available for enterprise customers. Slack provides a direct line of communication between your staff and the Activaire team members assigned to your account.

  • Playlists are the building blocks we use to define a brand or scene. A playlist might be a grouping of songs to represent a genre, a place or time, a cultural moment, etc. Playlists can be played on their own or used in scheduled playback or as elements of a Scene.

    Scenes are a collection of Playlists to represent the classic branding of a business type. For example, one of our Scenes for a bookstore consists of down and midtempo indie, folk, and soul, while another bookstore scene focuses on a warm and intimate jazz sound. We base these scenes on our real-world experiences of exploring shops, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses from around the world. We also make Scenes of everyday life moments, so there’s a Scene for when it’s sunny out, there’s a Scene for splashing about in a pool, and there are Scenes for relaxing and taking a break. Your customer is looking for an experience, and that experience needs expertly curated music.

  • Yes, you will need an Epicentre Media Player for each zone of music. A zone is an area where the music is not the same as the other areas. If you are a shop or cafe, you likely have a single zone of music. Hotels, Co-working spaces and, Department stores are examples of multi-zone installation where there are many spaces with different functions.

    Note: Sonos users do not require an Epicentre Media Player. Install the Activaire Curator service using the Sonos APP.

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