Music and Nuanced Brand Messaging

In saturated markets, brand messaging and storytelling must be elegant, agile, and nuanced. Beauty brands like Glossier, Jecca, and Go Lunar use messaging over tech, pricing, or distribution models to keep their competitive edge in a multi-billion dollar industry. Business of Fashion describes how brands like Gymshark and District Vision feature "gentle messaging" as their unique value proposition to go up against activewear titans.  Read More

Listen to our awesome Kate Bush-Stranger Things-inspired playlist

Netflix's Stranger Things 4 has launched Kate Bush's 1985 classic "Running Up That Hill" to number 1 on the iTunes chart and 4 on Spotify's global top 200. Following the premiere of season four, the song saw an 8,700% in global streams on Spotify. Bush's entire catalog had an increase of 1,600% in global streams. Not bad for a song that initially placed 30 on the Hot 100 singles chart in 1985. Read More

Create a unique experience with curated music for dispensaries. The number 1 way to spark it up!

With the explosive growth of the cannabis industry comes a shift to sophisticated branding and identity strategies for dispensaries. Curated music for dispensaries offers a powerful tool for brands to stand out. A rush to market has created a design boom across the dispensary landscape as brands compete to differentiate themselves through brand experience design. As much as cultural cohesiveness exists amongst cannabis dispensaries, every brand has its own personality. Creating a unique and authentic experience in brick & mortar locations is essential for market differentiation.  Read More