Press Play: Playlist and Scene spotlight, February 2024

Welcome to our monthly series Press Play, where we look at some of the many Playlists and Scenes in the Activaire Curator Library.

You can find the Playlists and Scenes section on Activaire Curator’s Music page. For more information on the Music page, click here. If some of these selections are not available for you, get in touch with corporate to request them.

Global Feel:

Experience the lap of luxury with a captivating blend of global vibes and midtempo tunes, sprinkled with a pinch of irresistible house music, promising an auditory journey that’s both indulgent and entrancing. Let this Scene whisk you away to exotic destinations, where every note becomes a passport to a world of musical delight!

[NEW] Pop house:

Get ready to slide into a sensational fusion of pop’s catchy hooks and house’s pulsating rhythms, tailor-made for grooving the night away and having an absolute blast! With every beat, this playlist turns any moment into a dancefloor sensation, where fun and music become inseparable partners!

[NEW] Chill Waves:

Indulge in a thoughtfully crafted playlist that seamlessly combines the richness of lush synths, the groove of mellow uptempo beats, and the soothing embrace of soft vocals, featuring a diverse array of artists who skillfully intertwine elements of electronic, indie, and chill-out music to create a sonic masterpiece.

[NEW] ’80s Hip Hop:

Blast those speakers and get ready to time travel, because this playlist is taking you on an epic journey straight back to the electrifying 80s, the birthplace of hip-hop, where the roots of this incredible genre first sprouted, immersing you in the rich history and vibrant beats of that unforgettable era!

[NEW] Adult Soft Pop:

Get ready for a musical journey that combines timeless classics with today’s soft pop hits, creating a harmonious blend of soothing melodies that will lift your spirits while keeping things mellow.

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