MOOD BOARD: VAGABOND SOUL – A Journey To The Khruangbin Universe.

Welcome to our Mood Board series, where we delve into the origins and inspirations behind our Playlists and Scenes. Today, we’re looking at Vagabond Soul, a Playlist we made after obsessing over the smooth and soulful grooves of Khruangbin.


Vagabond Soul is our exploration into the musical universe brought to the foreground by the band Khruangbin. If you’re unfamiliar with Khruangbin, they’re a three-piece from Houston, Texas, that makes dreamy psychedelic rock influenced by a rich tapestry of sounds from across the globe and throughout the decades. Khruangbin’s warm and earthy vibe starkly contrasts the in-your-face finely engineered sound of modern Pop music. The name Khruangbin is Thai for “airplane,” while the band sees it as not the best choice in hindsight, it effectively sparks curiosity and wonder.

Khruangbin’s popularity has drawn attention to other groups, past and present, who play in this world of laid-back, world-beat sound. It’s not exactly a genre but more a feeling, and the core of this feeling comes from the distinctly organic analog sound. You will find little in terms of digital and synthetic sounds or processing.

Emotion is expressed through sound and texture rather than words; some bands can transport you to a distant or imaginary place with a single word being sung. Place plays an important role, and the places created are sometimes found in your soul, while others are exotic and mysterious landscapes. It’s easy to put your headphones on and land amid a sun-drenched desert or within the stacks of a magical bookshop.


Vagabond Soul is a genreless exploration of time and space and the cozy places where we can indulge in much-needed laziness. It’s a timeless sound that spans decades and meanders through Soul, Funk, Dub, Psyche Rock, World, and the unknown. Beyond Khruangbin, artists like Glass Beams, Mac Demarco, Cymande, Allah-Las, Balthvs, and Hermanos Gutiérrez add layers and new dimensions to this expansive sound.

If you’ve been struck by the unique sounds of Khruangbin and want to soak up more of this vibe, take a plunge into Vagabond Soul. Activaire Curator users simply need to search for “vagabond soul” in the search bar. If you want to listen at home, hit that plus sign on the Spotify playlist below.

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