Light up your customer experience

With expertly curated background music for dispensaries

Music for dispensaries

Your dispensary is a unique experience. It should sound like one too.

You’ve curated your product selection and done the work to create a safe and welcoming environment for your customers. Now, let us help you tell them they’ve come to the right place with the perfect soundtrack.

Curated background music for dispensaries rooted in culture and authenticity.

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Music traverses the realms of art, craft, science, and magic. Curator by Activaire brings all of that together in your space.

Your pocket sized music maestro.

Mixtapes, made for your brand

Our expert music curators always create new playlists that fit our clients’ needs, and the lovely people who use their spaces, too.

Use playlists to react to a change in your environment with a musical shift, tailored to the moment.

Whether it’s a joyful reunion of friends or a relaxing moment in the afternoon, we’ve got you covered.

Perfect sounds: Perfect spaces

In an airport space where people relax before take-off, the music needs to be calm and reflective. But if it’s a busy shopping mall corridor, you’ll want sounds that intensify the excitement of retail therapy.

Finding music that matches is simple with Curator; you can quickly select scenes that combine playlists, setting up perfect sounds in every zone.

Whatever goes on, an ideal scene is just a tap away.

“Activaire has been with us since day one and has provided us with amazing on-brand Music for every step of our growth.”

Gregg Weiss
VP of Technology & Marketing
Happy Valley Dispensaries 

We are extremely satisfied with Activaire. They cater playlists to our liking while maintaining a close relationship with our team.

Each zone allows us to play taste made music for events and our guests. Their highly trained staff gives us undivided attention and quality, ample selection to choose from.

Andrew Grant
Director of Music / Radio Eaton Hotels, DC

Connect customers to your brand

Expertly curated music, hand-picked by aficionados, in harmony with your business. Curated background music that’s unbelievably simple. With unbeatable service.

Expert curation

World-class support delivered by humans

Plug and play

Dynamic schedules created exclusively for your properties

Multi-zone control

Shape your environment with scenes, react to the moment with playlists

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