Music for Bars: The Good Bar, Brooklyn, New York

Curating music for bars is serious business. The wrong music can cause you to lose a customer before they’ve fully stepped inside. On the other hand, the right music can turn your bar into the most happening place on the block.

Great music for the Good Bar.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has been Activaire’s home base for the past 20 years. We’ve seen bands like LCD Soundsystem, Interpol, and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s go from local favorites to international superstars almost overnight. In small clubs around the area, you could stumble upon Disclosure and Tame Impala playing some of their first US shows. You might even casually walk past the likes of Bjork and Yoko Ono on the way to lunch. It’s an excellent neighborhood for music fans and the perfect place for us.

Williamsburg also happens to be the home of one of the greatest nightclubs in the world, The Good Room. It’s a glorious and inclusive place that features an incredible crowd of loyal dancers and wallflowers, the best local DJs (including some of Activaire’s own), and DJs and innovators from around the world.

music for bars

The fantastic people at The Good Room recently decided to open a bar: “The Good Bar” at the intersection of Greenpoint and Williamsburg inside of a much-coveted triangular sliver building.

The Good Bar needed a background music service that could keep pace with the cutting edge music played at The Good Room and meet the standards of its music-savvy neighborhood.

music for bars
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At the Good Bar, curation and variety matter most.

We created a custom mix that captures the creative and innovative spirit of The Good Room brand. We wanted the bar to reflect the things people love about the club, so music discovery plays a significant role in the sound of The Good Bar. Guests of The Good Room expect to hear music they’ve never heard before mixed with club classics and overlooked gems from dance music’s deep archives. The music at The Good Bar is a clever mix of tracks hand-picked by Activaire’s curation team. We wanted guests to wonder if there was a DJ tucked away in the corner of the bar that they can’t see.

Hands-on or hands-off, we’re flexible.

Activaire Curator provides The Good Bar the flexibility to “set it and forget it” by using scheduled playback or complete control by triggering playlists and scenes from our library of music programs specifically designed for business. Curator’s dayparted schedule dynamically changes the energy level and overall vibe based on the time of day, day of the week, and season. Playlists and Scenes give the bar staff the option to respond to unexpected rushes of customers, event themes, and customer requests.

Using the Activaire Curator mobile and desktop APPs, The Good Bar staff can control the music from any location in real-time. The track feedback feature gives us insight into the songs that work and those that don’t, allowing us to make adjustments with each weekly update.

Goodbye music licensing woes.

On top of the great tunes, The Good Bar can rest easy knowing the fully licensed background music includes ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and GMR covered in their monthly fee. Activaire saves The Good Bar hundreds over dollars each year in performance rights license fees. Learn more about music licensing here.

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