Holiday Harmonies: Elevating Retail Experiences with Holiday Music

Yes, it's that time of the year again! The holiday season is upon us, and our curation team is in full swing, like a tech-savvy division of Santa's workshop. Optimism is at an all-time high as we fine-tune, tweak, and crank up those holiday music programs, ready to go live across our clients' zones in just a few weeks. Read More

Show off your tunes with Activaire Curator’s Display feature.

Discover Activaire Curator's Display Feature. or TV commercial introduced you to your new favorite song. You will always link that song to the product or film that featured it. You may not realize it, but an unbreakable bond is created when your customers discover new music through your business. Showcasing Display or a screen in your store provides an instant connection between the music your customer enjoys and the fact that they're hearing it in your store. Your store becomes that friend that has the best taste in music. We've all had that friend, and we never forget them. Read More

Music and Nuanced Brand Messaging

In saturated markets, brand messaging and storytelling must be elegant, agile, and nuanced. Beauty brands like Glossier, Jecca, and Go Lunar use messaging over tech, pricing, or distribution models to keep their competitive edge in a multi-billion dollar industry. Business of Fashion describes how brands like Gymshark and District Vision feature "gentle messaging" as their unique value proposition to go up against activewear titans.  Read More