Playlist: Coachella 1999

The Coachella 2023 lineup dropped this week, and it's a juicy one. It got us thinking about the lineup for the first Coachella Music & Art Festival in 1999. Many acts are no longer active or have faded into obscurity, but this was a cutting-edge lineup at the time. For the mid-20s Gen X hipster crowd, Coachella 1999 was a dream.  Read More

Indie Sleaze: We Are Your Friends

Harpers Bazaar, GQ, NME, and many others attempting to answer the question "What is Indie Sleaze?" I decided to provide my take. I was there, and it was fun, a lot of fun. Read More

Create a unique experience with curated music for dispensaries. The number 1 way to spark it up!

With the explosive growth of the cannabis industry comes a shift to sophisticated branding and identity strategies for dispensaries. Curated music for dispensaries offers a powerful tool for brands to stand out. A rush to market has created a design boom across the dispensary landscape as brands compete to differentiate themselves through brand experience design. As much as cultural cohesiveness exists amongst cannabis dispensaries, every brand has its own personality. Creating a unique and authentic experience in brick & mortar locations is essential for market differentiation.  Read More